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emst day 2022 | Kráľová nad Váhom, Slovakia

8th June is a very important date for us. It marks the beginning of our story that we’ve been writing for the past 11 years. We are extremely grateful for every experience that has taken us a step further and for everyone who has helped us and continues to help us fulfill our mission. We believe that we still have a great deal of common success ahead of us. Thank you!

This year is the sixth time we have been able to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of our company among our families and friends. Last Saturday of June, we met in the sports and recreation centre at the dam Kráľová nad Váhom, and we spent a day full of great music, excellent food, various activities and sports entertaining everyone, from the youngest to the most experienced among us. It is one of our greatest achievements that we are still able to keep building a team of smart people who can meet and have fun outside of work. At last but not least, we’d like to share at least a glimpse of the atmosphere of the emst day with you. :)



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