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D4 highway PPP project | Czechia

In May 2018, the Department of Transport of the Czech Republic announced a public tender for design, construction, maintenance and operation of almost 50 km of the D4 highway between the towns of Příbram and Písek, in form of PPP project (Public Private Partnership) - cooperation between the private and public sector. Three consortia contended for the concession contract, defining the highway information system (HIS) requirements as well as the operating conditions for the next 25 years.

The DIVia consortium (VINCI Highways, VINCI Concessions SAS, Meridiam Investments SAS) invited us to cooperate, as the requirements in the concession agreement required in-depth professional analysis and a professional HIS design. Our specialists with many years of experience in the field of transport systems, in cooperation with the concessionaire, representatives of the future operator and experts of Eurovia CS, have created a quality and efficient solution for the highway information system. We are delighted that our professional approach contributed to the success of DIVia consortium in the public tender.

TIMS scheme (Traffic Incident Management Sysem)

The process of solution design itself was preceded by the requirements clarification of the concession contract and familiarization of local regulations, so that the most optimal configuration of key technological equipment could be specified. Subsequent design of the construction and technological part of HIS took into account the high demands on functionality, availability and durability of the equipment, ease of maintenance, but also strict requirements for cyber security. To meet several key requirements, the design implemented technologies such as weather stations, SOS call boxes, traffic counters with high-speed dynamic weighing of vehicles in motion (WIM), traffic flow analyzers, variable traffic signs, CCTV camera system, etc.

The control center, a dominant feature of the design, includes a modern solution of HIS cluster-based servers with high availability, SCADA system and a cyber security solution. Within the SCADA system design, the attention was focused on defining special functionalities, or modules (response to traffic incidents, creation of various reports, etc.), as well as a graphical presentation and comfort of the operator in the management and monitoring of traffic and equipment along the highway.

Our work resulted in extensive documentation, including a technical report, documentation drawings and price calculation of the proposed solution. The proposed solution was the subject of many discussions with the representatives of the DIVia consortium, who we managed to convince about its quality and feasibility. We are glad that we could contribute to the creation of a winning solution and we look forward to the possibility of further cooperation.


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